Battle of Merida
Conflict: Venezuelan War
Date: September 4, 2010
Place: Merida, Venezuela
Outcome: {{{outcome}}}
People's Liberation Army of Venezuela Venezuelan Army
Marcela Acosta Lieutenant Mendez
5,500 P.L.A.V Guerillas
10 Tanks
4 Helicopters
25 Light-Armoured Vehicles
8,000 Venezuelan Soldiers
55 Tanks
12 Helicopters
95 Light-Armoured Vehicles
1,500 killed or wounded
4 Tanks destroyed
1 Helicopter shot down
15 Light-Armoured Vehicles destroyed
4,000 killed, wounded or captured
50 Tanks destroyed
12 Helicopters shot down
75 Light-Armoured Vehicles destroyed

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The Battle of Merida was an engagement between the People's Liberation Army of Venezuela and the Venezuelan Army during the events of Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

This battle was a huge victory for the PLAV forces in the region as they established a forward operating base to use against the remaining VZ army forces in Southern Venezuela. After the battle, Solano did not make any attempts to recapture the city, but he did send a few scout units at a time to test the defenses to see if he could try to take it back.


Following the betrayal of Solano, the PMC began a major operation to bring down Solano and the Venezuelan regime led by Carmona's's military. After a few battles, the mercenaries helped the PLAV and UP gain their objectives and began putting Solano on the defensive. The PLAV, however, were not satisfied with the war crimes Carmona's forces were committing. Marcela asks the mercenaries to free the city of Merida and stop Mendez from killing more civilians and in exchange, give information about the whereabouts of Blanco, who would have possible information on Solano's whereabouts.


Right before the mercenaries went on their daring mission, Marcela offered some support and also sent her forces to deal with the VZ military by establishing a forward outpost at the local cathedral in town. Marcela dropped in more troops and supplies to help the mercenaries and her people stop Mendez's forces from keeping their grip on the city.

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