The Battle of Maracaibo RefineryEdit

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The Battle of Maracaibo Refinery was a major conflict during the early stages of the Venezuelan War. Convinced that Universal Petroleum were stealing Venezuela's oil (which they were). The VZ launched an attack on UP refinery in Cabimas in an attempt to retrieve documents and nationalize the refineries.

"Leave No Trace" ContractEdit

At the time, UP's CFO, David Espinoza , was at the refinery disposing of some documents whose nature is not revealed at first. In the "Leave no trace" contract from UP, the mercenary was contracted to help the CFO destroy the files. The Merc arrived just as VZ troops are attacking the warehouse executive was in. Disposing of these hostiles, the merc procedes to the warehouse to find Espinoza cowering in a corner. He is at first thankful but

Leave no trace-1

Espinoza cowering in the corner

falters as he sees there's only one person. Reconsidering, he asks that he be taken to the first location. Once there, he runs into the warehouse and starts destroying the files. Using weapon emplacements on the deck of an oil tanker (or anything else), the merc manages to fend off the attacking VZ forces. After finishing burning the documents, the executive asks to be taken to the final warehouse. Same as last time you must defend him while he destroys the documents. This time Armadillo APCs and Kestrels show up and the Mercenary shoots them down with the Anti-Air Missile launcher on the roof, or hijack a helicopter and use it against the others, or using their own helicopter. After the executive has finished, the merc jokes about only being hired to see the files destroyed and the executive is on his own. Panicking, he attempts to pay them using his watch. The merc tells him that they were joking. On the drive/flight back to UP's HQ the merc asks what the files contained. Espinoza responds that they were proof that UP was scamming the Venezuelan government out of their own oil and that he came up with the scam. After arriving at the corporate headquarters, he runs into the building and the contract finishes.
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