Battle of Kaesong
South Koreans in battle.
Conflict: Song Initiative
Date: 2009
Place: Kaesong, South Korea
Outcome: {{{outcome}}}
Flag of South Korea South Korea Flag of North Korea North Korea
Mitchell Buford Choi Song
Garrison of Kaesong Several Sungri Scouts, soldiers, and transports
few Total
Song Initiative

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The Battle of Kaesong was a major battle of the war between North Korea and South Korea.

Battle Edit

CIA agent Mitchell Buford organized a defense against the several forces sent to invade South Korea, led by Choi Song. However, due to his limited supplies and soldiers, he had to employ the services of a mercenary to aid the defense of the city. The mercenary used Recoiless Rifles and Heavy Machine Guns to fend off the North Korean vehicles that kept on coming, from basic assault vehicles to heavy tanks. This increased the South Korean army's morale, and they were able to keep on fighting until all of the North Korean attackers were dead. Only one transport vehicle made it away from the assault.

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