Destruction of Isla de Fortelaza
Conflict: Venezuelan War
Date: September 15, 2010
Place: Isla de Fortelaza, Venezuela
Outcome: {{{outcome}}}
PMC Mercs Venezuelan Army
Marcela Acosta General Carmona
1 Mercenary 200-300 VZ Soldiers

4 SAM batteries

4 Helicopters (only 2 attack helicopters)

2 Heavy Attack boats

4 Patrol Boats

2 Jammers

6 Artillery Guns

10 Light-Armoured Vehicles

None 200-300 Dead or Wounded

All SAM batteries neutralized

Both Attack and at least 2 Transport helicopters shot down

Both Heavy Attack boats sunk

3 Patrol Boats sunk

Both Jammers Destroyed

All Artillery gun destroyed or lost during operation

All Light-Armoured Vehicles destroyed

Template:Campaignbox Operations in Lake Maracaibo

This battle was the only operation left before the mission to capture Blanco was underway, assuming that the mercenary had already completed the other contracts to obtain the mission to capture Blanco. Marcela Acosta gave the mercenary the mission to basically kill off all of Carmona's troops so that the Island Fortress was no longer a threat to her operations when she would attempt to control key island areas around the lake and begin an operation to flush out UP Mercs and Pirates in the area to gain control over Venezuela. 


Prior to the contract, the mercenary had been completing other contracts with the guerillas in order to obtain this mission. Marcela knew that her people would probably be slaughtered if she sent them to Fortress Island to destroy Carmona's troops. Besides that, at the time, Marcela only had air support, not naval. Until China sends a boat, that the mercenary can test out for the guerillas, Marcela's forces were vulnerable. Marcela called the mercenary back after the Battle of Merida, and several contracts and promised the rest of the information on Blanco's whereabouts if the mercenary flushes out Carmona's troops on Isla de Fortelaza(Fortress Island).


However the mercenary rides overto the island, sea or air, the mercenary has to get rid of the boats around the island first. After that, landing shouldn't prove difficult.

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