Battle of Heuk Dae Moon
The Black Gate
Conflict: Song Initiative
Date: 2009
Place: The Black Gate (Heuk Dae Moon), North Korea
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Flag of South Korea
Flag of North Korea
Mitchell Buford Ji An (Verified)
Mercenaries, SK Soldiers NK soldiers
Unknown NK soldiers, Type-07 Supergun
Song Initiative

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The Battle of Heuk Dae Moon was an important battle between the Republic of Korea Armed Forces and the Korean People's Army for the control of the NK Fortress, the Jack of Diamonds and the Type-07 Supergun.

The battle occurred in the Southern Province of North Korea at The Black Gate and the NK Fortress. It takes place during the Master of None contract.


Mitchell Buford ordered the Type-07 Supergun to be destroyed, as it could shell Tokyo and Seoul from its location. He sent the mercenary and a small force of South Koreans to destroy the artillery titan.

It was a hornets nest with NK soldiers, armored vehicles and artillery emplacements, which were destroyed by the mercenary. The mercenary cleared the path to the supergun using cunning and deadly force.

Later the mercenary ordered in a Cruise Missile Strike on the gun after destroying the jammer device interferring with their support options. The Jack of Diamonds, Ji An, had appeared to have survived the destruction of the titan weapon, but was later verified by the mercenary. The whole fortress base was later captured by South Korean forces.

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