Battle of Farm Village
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A Chinese sniper and a South Korean heavy soldier.
Conflict: South Korean-Chinese War
Date: 2009
Place: Farm Village, Northern Provinces, North Korea
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People's Republic of China
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South Korea
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several soldiers and Type 80 tanks several soldiers and SKU agents
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South Korean-Chinese War

Pyongyang Incident - Nampo - Propaganda Village - Farm Village - Dandong

The Battle of Farm Village was a series of battles between the Chinese and the South Koreans in the North Korean theatre.

Battle[edit | edit source]

After the South Koreans invaded the Northern Provinces, continuing the campaign against the brutal regime in North Korea, they drew close to the Chinese border at Dandong. Dangerously close to the river crossing was the Farm Village, a wrecked area. Chinese soldiers and tanks began battle with South Korean soldiers and other special units, lasting from the beginning of the invasion of the Northern Provinces to the collapse of General Song's rule. In the end, the South Koreans were able to still attack Dandong via use of the mercenary, but the battle was eventually a Chinese victory because of tank superiority.

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