Battle Of Falcon's Compound
Conflict: Venezuelan War
Date: Unknown, possibly in 2008
Place: Falcón's Bunker
Outcome: {{{outcome}}}
PMC Venezuelan Army
Fiona Taylor

Misha Milanich

Lieutenant Falcón
Mercenary Many VZ soliders
None Lieutenant Falcón

Most of the VZ forces

Destruction Of Falcón's Bunker

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The Battle of Falcon's Compound is a battle that occurred during the Venezuelan War between the PMC and the Venezuelan Army.

Battle of Falcon's Compound[edit | edit source]

Prelude[edit | edit source]

The Battle Of Falcon's Compound can occur any time after the player has acquired the mechanic Eva for the PMC.

When Eva tells the mercenary that there is a jet pilot named Misha Milanich hiding out with the Rastafarian Pirates, the mercenary goes to see him. When Misha talks to the Merc(s), he/she discovers that Misha not only can fly jets (despite him constantly being drunk), but was a former pilot for the Venezuelan Air Force. However, due to an accidental bombing of a VZ position, Misha fled his angry superior and eventually settled with the Balseros Crew. When the Mercenary realizes this, he makes a deal with Misha: The mercenary will kill his superior, Lieutenant Falcón; in exchange, Misha will join the PMC.

Battle[edit | edit source]

Falcón is holed up in a bunker on a fortified VZ island, which is impervious to regular attacks. The only way to destoy it is to use a Bunker Buster. Luckily for the Merc, there's a nearby island with several to steal from the Venezuelan Army.

The merc, now free to use any airstrikes in the stockpile, storms the beach of the island, wiping out the soldiers, helicopters, and armor garrisoned there, and hijacking the bombs. Now equipped with the Bunker Busters, the player can destroy the bunker and kill Falcón. The Mercenary then attacks the VZ-held island, killing many Venezuelan Army soldiers, and, using a laser designator, drops the Bunker Buster and destroys the lieutenant's fortress, killing Falcón and completing the mission. With Misha in tow, the mercenary returns to the PMC, with his/her new jet pilot.    

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