"Light wheeled APC"
Merchant of Menace store caption

The BTR APC is a North Korean armored personnel carrier featured in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


"Designed for rapid troop transport, the BTR-60 only mounts a 12.7mm machine gun, but it can carry up to six troops."
— Merchant of Menace store description

The BTR APC has light armor with some resilience, but is vulnerable to small arms, explosives and cannon fire. It carries one driver, one gunner, and a carrying capacity of up to four soldiers. The soldiers are carried in behind the turret and in front of the engine. To enter the compartment, the soldiers must climb on top of the vehicle.

It is an eight wheeled vehicle and is basically an elongated BRDM Scout that has a higher carrying capacity and smaller machine gun (BRDM has a 14.5mm gun; BTR APC has a 12.7mm gun).

Destroying this vehicle will net the player $4,000 to their account.


The BTR APC easily destroyed using rockets, explosives or cannon fire. A large number of small arms rounds will destroy the vehicle. Due to its large size, it has poor manoeuvrability making rocket and cannon fire that much more dangerous. However, since it's a N. Korean vehicle and has a large carrying capacity, the player can load the vehicle with friendly troops and sneak them past enemy lines, unleashing a surprise attack on the enemy.

The driver cannot operate the gun and therefore requires that another solider be on board to operate the gun. This also allows the player to kill the gunner then commander the vehicle, however, players using this vehicle with a gunner are more at risk if the gunner is killed and the player is left defenceless.

Real lifeEdit

The BTR APC is based on the Soviet BTR-60. An eight wheeled APC that went in service in 1959.

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