The Automatic Rifle is a weapon available in two variants and used by the Venezuelan Army, the People's Liberation Army of Venezuela and the People's Liberation Army featured in Mercenaries 2: World In Flames.


The Automatic Rifle is available in an RPK variant in VZ and PLAV hands and QJY-88 in PLA hands; they are the same weapon with drastically different appearances. It is the only gun to be used by three factions (launchers not included).


QJY-88 variant in the hands of a PLA Support Troop

The RPK variant is used by VZ and PLAV heavy infantry, they are quite common and so is the weapon, it can also be found in the PLAV Support Weapons Drop. It has some blue tape on it and it almost looks like a barrel extension taped onto an AK-47.

It's damage potential is great, taking 4 direct shots to kill a normal VZ soldier at any range. It's accuracy however, is not that good, being the same as a Micro SMG or Light MG. Overall however, it is a much better alternative to the Light MG. 

The QJY-88 variant looks much more professional but it is less common, only seen in the hands of PLA heavy infantry, exactly 1 in 4 PLA reinforcement troops will be equipped with it. It is not available in any supply drop; the only way to get it is to pick it up from dead PLA troop. If you are in friendly relations with the PLA, you can go to a PLA outpost, find a soldier carrying the weapon, melee bash him, pick it up, and run as fast as you can to the outpost HQ (shop) before a soldier can report your actions.

QJY-88 shooting

Shooting from the grass to the north PMC wall, The QJY-88 is able to place many shots on the central aim point.

The QJY-88 has the same damage as the RPK (4 direct shots to kill a normal VZ soldier), however, its accuracy is extremely good, nearly rivaling that of the sniper rifles. It is unclear why the QJY-88 variant in particular is so accurate, since accuracy is comparatively atrocious in all other hand held automatic weapons, including the RPK variant. Thanks to this advantage, the QJY-88 can easily land successive headshots and kill quickly at considerable range.

Real lifeEdit

RPK: The RPK is a soviet made light machine gun that functions identically to the AK-47 and fires 7.62x39mm rounds. It started service in the 1960s with the purpose of replacing the RPD.

QJY-88: the QJY-88 or type 88 is a Chinese made general purpose machine gun that fires 5.8x42mm rounds.



  • The two Automatic Rifles are not supposed to fire the same types of rounds in real life, yet in the game their ammunitions are interchangeable.
  • The RPK Variant can also accept AK-47 type magazines, although you cannot attach AK 47 magazines to the RPK in the game.

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