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The Armored Tiger Cargo is a cargo truck used by the People's Liberation Army in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The Armored Tiger Cargo is used by the PLA after they arrive in Venezuela. Its primary function is transportation of weapons, ammunition, or supplies. It is not an ideal vehicle to use in combat, but if nothing else is available, it'll do. The truck also features a heavy crane at the front of the vehicle which is unusable by the player. Presumably, this heavy crane may be used to lift supplies on to the truck, or perhaps the truck itself has armored recovery or engineering roles.


  • After an unspecified mission, it will begin to appear driving around Chinese territory.
  • Right after the foreign invasions, it can be found driving around Isla de Margarita. You can use a Jade Wind Heavy Transport to airlift it off the island, disguised as a PLA pilot.


Real Life[]

The Armored Tiger Cargo is based on the Shaanqi SX2150.

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