The Armadillo Jammer is an armored jammer vehicle used by the Venezuelan Army in Mercenaries 2: World In Flames.

Overview Edit

The Armadillo Jammer is the jammer version of the Armadillo, it is only available in VZ colors. It is unarmed therefore does not pose much of a threat other than road killing. It is used for jamming support options and can block VZ hostile NPC reinforcement calls. Unlike the other Armadillos, the Jammer version does not have any passenger seats.

This version of the Armadillos can be found on the Isla de la Fortelaza on the Main Fort and at the base of the Tower during the 'Tropical Island Getaway' contract and near the large cylindrical Universal Petroleum target building on the North-Eastern-most Pirate Isle. It can also be purchased from the Pirates.

Tactics Edit

Since this APC has no weaponry, its only weapon is itself (it works quite well for running over soldiers, light vehicles and stationary weapons with the exception of the 105mm stationary guns). Despite being type 3 armor, the Armadillo series (including PLAV versions) are vulnerable to grenades and 40mm grenade launcher impacts and explosions.

Weapons that are a larger caliber than 20mm (HEAP) will shred this almost defenseless vehicle. Should this vehicle face a 20-25mm, the driver should avoid exposing the weaker rear of the vehicle to incoming fire to increase survivability. This vehicle can block any faction's support options, except the VZ which cannot call for support in the first place.

Real life Edit

The Armadillo Jammer looks like it might be a slightly modified M557.


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