The Armadillo is a Venezuelan Army Armored Personnel Carrier that is featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The Armadillo is mainly used for just light fire support and transporting troops, it has one .50 caliber DShK heavy machine gun. It is the most common of the Armadillos. The Armadillo series all have type 3 armor, but they take damage from grenades. It is used by the VZ for troop transport and light fire support. It has very weak armor for a type 3 armor vehicle; a recoilless rifle or RPG rocket hit will destroy it.

This vehicle can be found on Isla de la Fortelaza and during the "Leave No Trace" contract.

The Armadillo can be purchased from the Pirates at a price of $52.5k if neutral or $35k if friendly.

The Martinez APC is the PLAV repainted Armadillo.


This APC will not stand up to anything with a 25mm or greater, plan accordingly. It can be used to sneak through a VZ base but is terrible at fighting. The problem with this APC is that the .50 caliber HMG is only effective against armor types lower than 3 as well as being controlled by the gunner. When the APC is player driven, it is almost harmless, even with AI gunners (because they are terrible shots). The player will need to swap positions each time they want to shoot or drive, constantly putting the player and the vehicle at risk. This vehicle's weak spot is the rear.

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The Armadillo is based on the Vietnam War era M113 APC.

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