The Anti-Tank Rogue is Universal Petroleum's Anti-Tank helicopter in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


Universal Petroleum's Anti-Tank Rogue, as its name implies, used for tank slaying. Its armor is light and lift capacity is low; however this is made up in its maneuverability and speed. It can carry two people, including the pilot, and is mainly seen in areas where Universal Petroleum operates, such as the Cabimas outpost and the Maracaibo Airport outpost (when they are under UP control).

Anti-Tank Rogues can be purchased for $75,000 each at the UP shop.


The Anti-Tank Rogue is excellent for taking out vehicles at range; however its armament is limited, as it has 4 anti-tank missiles and double .50 caliber pods with only 600 rounds. However, they are extremely easy to hijack and can be found quite easily as well if the player knows where to look. It is possible to destroy a single Heavy Tank with this helicopter's ATGM armement (ATGMs deal 30% on a Diplomat Heavy Tank and Iron Mountain Heavy Tank).

Its armor isn't all that great, a single SAM hit is almost enough to take it out. However the Rogue's maneuverability should help dodge most other types of anti-air fire, and easily dodge unguided weapons.

It is a good idea to engage tanks at a distance so that the pilot has time to dodge incoming shells, extra range can also increase the probability of the missile hitting. Another tactic is to engage at close range to try to hit a vehicle in the rear for extra damage.

They are cheap, and do not cost as much fuel as some of the other heavier helicopters, so they are good if you need to destroy a few tanks quickly. What they lack in armor they make up in speed, as they are faster than the much more heavily armed Anaconda or any other attack helicopters. Despite this, it is often a better idea to use the Rogue Assassin instead, since it trades the .50cals for miniguns and 2 ATGMs for 19 unguided rockets.

Real LifeEdit

The Anti-Tank Rogue, like every helicopter in the Rogue series of UP helicopters, is based off of the MD Helicopters MH-6 Little Bird.

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