The Anti-Tank Messenger is a light infantry vehicle used by the Allied Nations in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


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Anti-Tank Messenger icon

"Designed to provide rapid anti-tank capability, this Allied car carries a powerful guided missile launcher."
— Stockpile caption

The Anti-Tank Messenger is comparable to the Raven Anti-Tank; it is a troop transport vehicle equiped with a TOW missile launcher to engage enemy vehicles and light armor.

The Anti-Tank Messenger is seen defending remote Allied Outposts in the south and south east.


  • Unlocked by:
  • Cost: $
  • Fuel: 120 gallons
  • Guidance: Smoke
  • Delivery: Helicopter


The AT Messenger is similar to the Raven Anti-Tank - the missile launcher holds four missiles, and can be used against all types of armor. However, the player should avoid engaging heavy vehicles such as the Iron Mountain Heavy Tank because as with the Raven AT, the Messenger AT lacks sufficient armor to 'safely' engage main battle tanks and other heavily armed vehicles. It is much wiser to use this vehicle to engage other wheeled vehicles and armored personnel carriers.

The Anti-Tank Messenger, being equiped with only a anti-armor weapon, is not suited for engaging enemy infanty or helicopters. Avoid anti-tank infantry and helicopters when using this vehicle.

Real lifeEdit

The Messenger AT is a Humvee equipped with a TOW Anti-Tank missile launcher.


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