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The Anti-Armor Rifle is a sniper rifle featured in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


The Anti-Armor Rifle is a very powerful 12.7mm, bolt-action anti-materiel sniper rifle that can be purchased from the Merchant of Menace as part of the Special Weapons Drop. It will contain the weapon itself, as well as a Light Machine Gun, health, and ammo.

The rifle does extreme amounts of damage to infantry, killing all in one hit and even passing through multiple enemies if lined up correctly. The rifle does very high damage to light vehicles and helicopters, however, due to the low ammunition count and low rate of fire it is not a very efficient method for taking out vehicles. Similarly, the low rate of fire can make it a poor choice of weapon during intense fire fights. It is useful in the 'No One Will Ever Know' and 'Omertà' contracts due to its one shot kill property. It is also useful for taking out helicopter pilots, potentially leading to the helicopter crashing without being destroyed, which is useful for acquiring the YAH-56 Gunship.


  • Acquired from the Special Weapons Drop, which is unlocked after completing 'In the Neighborhood'.
  • It can be found close to the Ten of Clubs in the beginning where AN and NK forces are fighting; two NK soldiers have the anti-armor rifle. This is one of the only places where it is available very early in the game.
  • Two AN soldiers stationed on top of the buildings overlooking the AN Officer in 'Omertà are equipped with the rifle.
  • Three elite KPA soldiers protecting the Five of Hearts have the rifle.
  • Many can be found within supply creates during 'Gambit'.
  • Multiple soldiers encountered in 'Loose Ends', including the Jack of Spades himself, are equipped with the rifle.

Real lifeEdit

The Anti-Armor Rifle appears to be based on the Russian KSVK rifle.

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