Altagracia is a small urban residential area east of Maracaibo city and north of Maracaibo Refinery that is featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Altagracia houses the large Maracaibo Grand Hotel. The town looks to be a bit more of an expensive place to live as it is away from the crowded city of Maracaibo and the warzones in Merida and Guanare (usually no tank shells or RPGs flying around). The small town has a great view of Maracaibo, General Carmona Bridge and Isla de la Fortelaza

When the area is unlocked, the area will have a light VZ presence and is a relatively useless place to go to since there will/is be nothing to do there unless the player is looking for a Sniper Rifle. There is a villa directly east of Altagracia, it is lightly guarded by VZ troops, has 2 Chinese Sniper Rifles near it and there is a UP wanted HVT there. 

After Universal Petroleum establishes a presence there, the VZ will have a smaller presence but will still remain, leaving a few Iguanas and houses spawning VZ snipers/heavies on their roofs and causing some chaos. 

UP Outpost and Contracts[edit | edit source]

Altagracia to the left, UP supply depot below, Maracaibo and the UP HQ to the right, General Carmona Bridge above the B-2

Universal Petroleum's first outpost contract is to take over the Altagracia Outpost in the North side of the district, if you do this you will, of course, get a new landing pad and get more items to buy in your new UP hardware shop. 

The Altagracia Outpost offers a single one time only "Maracaibo Airport Outpost" contract. 

UP offers a contract from the Maracaibo Airport Outpost where the player will have to deliver a VIP to varying locations, on level 3, the player will have to bring the VIP to the Altagracia Outpost. During this time, VZ anti-air rocket infantry will spawn on several roofs, including that of the Maracaibo Grand Hotel, there will also be several roadblocks with anti-tank barricades and an increase in VZ soldiers on several streets. 

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