Ali Zandi is the c
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Zandi at Maracaibo Airport outpost.

ommanding officer (CO) of Universal Petroleum's Maracaibo Airport outpost in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


He greets the player with a warm smile (possibly, you can never know 'cause of his balaclava) he offers the player two missions (technically four if all three levels of into the green zone are counted): Into the Green Zone, and to take back the Cabimas outpost; located in the industrial sector close to Altagracia.

Into the Green Zone has the player must escort three UP executives. Each level becomes slightly more difficult than the previous; first level is a breeze, just do not do anything stupid like lingering in one spot and be a bullet magnet.

Second level has VZ APCs added to the mix, while the third replaces the APCs with Puma light tanks; whom the player will want to give a wide berth.

The player could also just get a Rogue type helicopter and save time and effort, but beware; the game's designers have taken this into consideration. During the contract, VZ SAM troops will spawn on top of several buildings on the way to the destination, so fly high. It is somewhat entertaining to watch UP's Maracaibo Rogue patrols get shot down.

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