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Adriana Livingston is a reporter for GSRN in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.

Overview Edit

Adriana Livingston

Adriana Livingston during a news report on Kirin-Do Island

Adriana Livingston, as stated above, is a reporter for the Global Satellite Reporting Network (GSRN) and is the only female journalist in the game. She is never physically encountered in-game, only appearing in the cutscene that follows every Ace contract to tell the public the nature of the events that resulted in the death/capture of the Ace. She will also comment on player-dependent events in the game, such as the increased presence of the Russian Mafia and tensions between China and South Korea.

Like most GSRN journalists she remains unaware of the true nature of the verification, stating that it was AN forces that were responsible and not a hired mercenary. Col. Garrett also speaks with her via walkie-talkie and says that when he finds out something, she will be the first to know. He then hangs up, stating "well that's not a very ladylike thing to say, is it?", implying she swore at him.

Adriana's only in-game appearances are at the end of every Ace Contract: at the smouldering ruins of Song Tower, the radioactive Kirin-Do Island, Chul Kang's melted reactor and in an AN UH-60 Transport over Song's missile silo. She wears the standard GSRN uniform apart from a report from Kirin-Do island where she is wearing a gas mask due to the harmful radiation.

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