General Chul Kang, otherwise known as the Ace of Hearts, is the director of General Song's Nuclear Weapons Program in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction. He is referred to by the press as one of Song's closest aides. He was the man responsible for growing Song's stockpile of nuclear weapons and for making them able to be delivered anywhere in the world via ICBM technology. "Experts" in the game all agree that Kang's program produced at least 3 nuclear warheads with ICBM technology, though none of them are sure of how many warheads Song has.

ExOps bioEdit

Name: Chul Kang
"The mastermind behind Song's nuclear weapons program, Kang succeeded in covertly building an extensive program as well as the missile technology necessary to deliver them almost anywhere in the world. Nobody knows how many nuclear missiles Kang was able to build. Some estimated suggest upwards of 30 ICMB with nuclear warheads."


The mercenary goes after Kang in his island nuclear facility in the game's third Ace Contract, 'Gambit'. Kang is worth $ 300,000 if he is captured alive and 150,000 if is he is killed. Additionally, the mercenary may also retrieve a video tape as a bonus objective worth $5,000.

During the mercenary's infiltration of the base, Kang discovers the mercenary and addresses him in English over loudspeakers. At this point he purposely triggers a nuclear meltdown at the expense of all the men still alive in the base, in an attempt to kill the mercenary and perhaps remove evidence, though the latter is unclear.

The mercenary stops Kang's attempt to escape in a helicopter and verifies him by either killing or subduing him and then calling for extraction. The videotape dropped by kang is later examined and found to reveal information regarding Song's wherabouts and the surprising implication that his father may still be alive.

Kang is armed with an LMG.

GSRN ReportEdit

Upon capturing/verifying the Ace of Hearts, GSRN Trucks will broadcast the following report:

"The third of General Song's three closest aides, the infamous General Chul Kang, the Ace of Hearts, and mastermind behind Song's nuclear program, was captured just a few moments ago, after a long battle with Allied troops. Both sides suffered heavy casualties, but Kang's capture illustrates the effectiveness of Allied operations in this difficult theater."
— GSRN Reporter



  • Kang and the Ace of Spades are the only members of the Deck of 52 who directly address the mercenary in English.
  • Unlike the other Aces, Kang does not have a unique character model, instead reusing the King of Hearts' model.
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