General Chin Chang, otherwise known as the Ace of Diamonds, is the Ace of the Diamonds suit the director of Song's top-secret chemical and biological weapons testing plant in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.

ExOps BioEdit

Name: Chin Chang
"General Chang is among Song's closest aides. Chang runs Song's top-secret chemical and biological weapons testing plant. The precise whereabouts of this testing facility are unknown. Intelligence reports suggest this site may be underground. Chang is intelligent and experienced. He will not be caught easily."


The contract to verify General Chang can be acquired once the mercenary has verified enough of the other Diamonds. He is on Kirin-Do Island, North Korea.

The Player must first destroy his Type-07 Supergun before they can verify Chang. When the player first arrives there will be several soldiers in the area, one of which is armed with an RPG. Also, the game will have a preset C4 charge under the Sungri Scout which can be used.


A map of Krin-Do Island. The red dot represents where Chang will appear after the Supergun (yellow dot) is destroyed.

The road nearby has a continuous amount of NK vehicles driving down it and there will sometimes be an APC the player can hijack and use to get through the irradiated area ahead of them or you could take an APC from one of the small outposts along the road. Along the road are some downed c-130s with two pilots armed with carbines at each one. Once the player crosses the bridge leading to where the Supergun is, Fiona will instruct them to a prototype Supergun that they must use to destroy the Type-07 Supergun. Once destroyed, Chang's location will flash on the radar. Along the way to Chang there will barracks, RPG soldiers as well as various tanks, APCs and jeeps. Eventually the player will reach the complex where Chang is at the southern end of the island.

A very useful tactic here is to go to the building complex where Chang will appear and destroy all buildings and KPA forces there before destroying the supergun. That way, when Chang does appear you do not have to worry about any enemy forces being with him. The player can then capture or kill Chang and verify him.

GSRN ReportEdit

Upon capturing/verifying the Ace of Diamonds, GSRN Trucks will broadcast the following report:

"Adriana, I'm proud to report that the director of General Song's biological and chemical weapons program, General Chin Chang, was captured yesterday. This effectively neutralizes the developing threat of Song's chemical weapons program. Song's nuclear program, supervised by Ace of Hearts General Chul Kang, is apparently still covertly operating here in North Korea."
— GSRN Reporter



  • In the ExOps Bio in the PDA, his name is spelt the same as the Ace of Hearts, Chul Kang. However, in all the other diamonds lists he is referred to as "General Chang" and is also called this in-game, so his name is Chin Chang and the bio was simply a spelling mistake. This spelling mistake, however, only appears in the PlayStation 2 version of the game.
  • On the other hand, a similar occurrence happens in the Queen of Diamond's bio, which says that the Ace of Diamonds is Chul Kang. However, this statement is erroneous, as Kang is the Ace of Hearts. This error occurs in both the XBox and PS2 versions.
  • If the player activates the invincibility cheat and goes to the super weapon they are supposed to destroy, they can use it, as the radiation cannot kill the player. Unfortunately, the weapon's ammunition does not produce radiation on contact.
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