The Ace Contracts are the single most important contracts in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction. They are the most difficult and expensive contracts of the game.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Ace Contracts can only be acquired after enough intel has been gathered from verifying a combination of number and face cards. There are four Ace Contracts:

The mercenary is sent to Song Tower to take down Dung Hwangbo, the Ace of Clubs. The contract involves destroying three jammers to reveal the Ace's location. Once located the mercenary must destroy Song Tower to flush the Ace out of hiding and verify him before he escapes.

The mercenary is sent to Kirin-Do Island to verify General Chin Chang, the Ace of Diamonds, and destroy his radioactive superguns. The contract involves traversing through radioactive areas for the first time, and the opportunity to utilise a prototype supergun.

The mercenary is sent to Kumchang-Ni nuclear complex to verify Chul Kang, the Ace of Hearts. The contract involves sneaking into the nuclear complex and surviving an ambush, while attempting to verify the Ace before he can make his escape and detonate the entire complex with you in it.

The mercenary is sent to an unnamed prison island as part of an M1 Tank platoon who must push their way towards an old prison, rescuing President Kim. The player then progresses to Song's nuclear launch site in an attempt to stop the launch of Song's missiles before verifying the Ace himself.

The ace contracts all take place on islands, surrounded by water. The mercenary will be inserted via helo for the first three. Normally, all three helicopters typically available from the Merchant of Menace will not be available for purchase (they're labelled as "out of stock"). However, as soon as the contracts begin you can turn around and try snipe the pilot, killing him, and forcing the helicopter to land. All three mercenaries cannot swim, so make sure you kill the pilot before the helicopter flies over the water. Alternatively, if you have an unfriendly standing with the Allies, you can quickly run around and attempt to hijack the helicopter. Another option involves ordering a supply drop and sniping the pilot of the Russian helicopter.

Once each contract is completed, a news report by Adriana Livingston will play and the player will advance to the next suit. When the mercenary captures the Ace of Diamonds, they will advance to the Northern Province. Once the Ace of Spades is verified, the game will end and you will then begin Playground of Destruction mode, which serves as a new game plus.

Contracts in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction
Allied Nations Ante UpOut of the WoodworkBringing Down the House
EmbeddedDowned Bird in Enemy NestThe Guns of Kirin-Do
Inspect and VerifyReactor RetrievalGambit
Humanitarian EffortsThe Ace of Spades
South Korea Stem the TideA Proper Function of GovernmentA Farewell to Kings
A Hot Time in NampoFirst PrinciplesMaster of None
Repo ManClear ChannelThe Acid Queen
In and OutBOOM!Titular Regius
China Pest ControlNo One Will Ever KnowUnder New Management
Escort ServicePersuasionKnock Knock
Manipulate the DataExit StrategyChain Reaction
An Eye for an EyeChokepointTwo Degrees of Separation
Russian Mafia FootholdGimme My MoneyBait and Switch
Playing the OddsOmertà...It's Who You Know
In the Neighborhood106 Miles to SinuijuRaw Materials
Escort ServiceHousekeepingLoose Ends
Challenges Jeep MeltdownMafia Warehouse SabotageSpeed
Race from China HQ to Mafia HQ
Race from Mafia HQ to SK HQ
Race from South Korean HQ to Chinese HQ
Bold denotes ace contracts.
Italics denote contracts that require the player to verify a face card (King, queen or jack).
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