A farewell to kings king of clubs

Lee Choi, the King of Clubs

A Farewell to Kings is the third and last contract for the South Koreans in the first quarter of Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction and it takes place in the Southern Province of North Korea.


The contract involves destroying ballistic missiles launchers at the Ichon airfield and then verifying the King of Clubs.


  1. Destroy Ichon missile launchers
  2. Verify the King of Clubs

Supplies and support givenEdit

The player is supplied with or given as support:

  • ∞ × South Korean Supply Drop - $4,000 per use
  • 2 × Stealth Bomber Attack - First two are free. Will cost $200,000 once two have been used

The contractEdit

A farewell to kings missile silo

Three of the missiles which need to be destroyed

The player will encounter a variety of North Korean ground resistance including Sungri Scouts, BMP APCs, T-54 tanks and a Satellite Network System (SNS) radar jammer that prevents the use of air support. The Ichon airfield has several grounded MD-500 Scout helicopters that the player may wish to commandeer. Do not worry if all of these MD-500s get destroyed somehow. Once Choi appears there will be an infinite amount of Mi-2s reinforcements flying and landing near the main building of the airfield.

If ever there was a mission that needs a helicopter, this is the one. If you already have one before taking the contract, fly due east from SK HQ, until you approach the area where the wrecked bridge sits at the back door to Ichon. Fly to the left and land on the plateau. It is highly recommended that you have the anti-tank launcher. Look to east of your position. You should be able to make out the Jammer on the opposite side of the gap. You cannot get a lock-on, but you can hit it if you set your aimpoint with a regular gun, then switch weapons and fire. One, or two shots should do the trick. Use the Stealth Bomber Attack on the first launcher site. Use the helo to jump to the other side and repeat on the second one.

Alternatively, you can simply acquire a Sungri Scout, achieve a disguise, and drive right up to the hill with the radar jammer and destroy it with whatever explosives you possess (there is a crate nearby with C4). If you approach Ichon from the main entrance, there is a BMP which can be hijacked and used to take out the radar jammer, as well as the missiles. However, the BMP is quite susceptible to enemy RPGs, which are numerous in this area. The missiles closest to the entrance can be taken out easily without an airstrike. Parked between two of the missiles is a FROG 7 truck. Destroying this truck (either with explosives or small arms fire) will cause an explosion that take out the other missiles ina chain reaction. You can then use your two free airstrikes to take out the last missile silos.

A farewell to kings escape

The King of Clubs attempting to escape

After that, fly your helo west and then north to circle around the complex and land atop the northernmost edge of the roof of the very large hangar on the western end of the airfield. From there, look eastwards for two rooftop access stairwell doors. The one closest to the western corner is where the King will appear once you take out the third launcher site. Using the shadows, you should easily be able to setup a missile shot at the center missile of the northernmost missile launcher site. Hitting that with an anti-tank missile fired as an unguided rocket will cause all three missiles to blow up. While the missile is in flight, switch to flash grenades and as soon as the 3rd site goes boom, start chucking flash grenades towards the corner door, which should stun the King as soon as he appears, rush in and take him down. The extraction helicopter can easily land on the roof. Be warned: An Mi-2 en route from the The Black Gate will try to land on that roof. Wait until it gets close and then try to take it out (or hijack it), preferably with an SMAW fired as a rocket. After you take that helo out, call in the extraction and send him packing to get your payment.

The contract is worth the value of the face card. In this case $125,000 alive and $62,500 dead. Completing this contract will make Gunship Support available for purchase from the Merchant of Menace.

E-mail messageEdit

Sender: Lieutenant Yung Kim

Subject: Contract 'A Farewell to Kings'

"SK intelligence suggests that the King of Clubs plans to smuggle some warheads out of the Ichon airfield. Destroy those missiles, and we might be able to smoke out the King too.


Contract Terms & Conditions

1. Destroy Ichon missile launchers
2. Verify the King of Clubs

Bounty value: $125,000 alive/$62,500 dead"


The player enters the HQ. Buford and Major Park are talking in Korean

  • Major Park: (in Korean) needs to be filled out
  • Agent Buford: (in Korean) needs to be filled out
  • Major Park: (in Korean) needs to be filled out

Buford turns his attention to the mercenary

  • Agent Buford: Lee Choi runs his rackets out of Ichon, a city I got my eyes on. Unfortunately, it's pretty obvious to everyone involved that we're plannin' on moving in, and Choi is getting ready to hightail it outta there. You get your ass in there, bag him for yourself before he splits, and any of Song's men you happen to annihilate on the way in just makes my job easier.

The player remains in the HQ

  • Agent Buford: Some of those prisoners are women and children. Ain't you got a heart?

The player still remains in the HQ

  • Agent Buford: Choi's Dung Hwangbo's right-hand man. You bag him, you probably get a direct line to the Ace of Clubs. Presuming that overgrown Boy Scout Garrett gives you permission.

The player continues to remain in the HQ

  • Agent Buford: Either take the contract, or get the hell outta my office.

The player accepts the contract

  • Fiona: Boy, these North Korean generals really are a sweet group of guys.
    • Chris:
    • Jennifer:
    • Mattias: I think they've got character. Zest, panache, a lust for life...just like me.
  • Fiona: *sigh* Just get Lee Choi, all right?

The player destroys a missile

  • Fiona: Great, you've destroyed one of the missiles! Looks like Choi has already fueled them up, so you might be able to set up chain reactions.

The player destroys all missiles

  • Fiona: Excellent, you've destroyed all of the launchers, putting an end to Choi's plan and making the world just a little safer.
  • Fiona: Lee is on the base somewhere, buy you'll have to scout around for his exact location, or wait until the helicopter lands.

The player discovers the King's location

  • Fiona: He's on the roof! You need to find a way to either get up there, or get him down!

A short time after locating the King

  • Fiona: Helicopters have lifted off, and are en route to Ichon.

Lee Choi's rescue helicopter lands on the roof

  • Fiona: The helicopter has landed -- stop that chopper before he gets away!

If Choi gets on the helicopter

  • Fiona: The helicopters are taking off.

Choi's helicopter flies far away

  • Fiona: Lee's helicopter is approaching the border. Intercept it before he escapes!

Choi escapes

  • Fiona: Choi got away. Dammit! All that work for nothing.

The player destroys Choi's rescue helicopter

  • Fiona: Well, Lee won't be flying out of Ichon now. Better act quickly before he realizes what happened.

The player verifies the King of Clubs

  • Fiona: Beautiful. Choi's been verified. Buford owes us one.



  • The name of the contract (Farewell to Kings) is a referring to the contract target (King of Clubs).
  • In addition, the title may be a reference to the album "A Farewell to Kings" by the band Rush.
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