106 miles to sinuiju street racer

The Street racer, ready to be delivered

106 Miles to Sinuiju is the eighth contract for the Russian Mafia and the second for them in the Northern Province of North Korea during the third act of Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


The contract, 106 Miles to Sinuiju, involves picking up various contraband and delivering it to a smuggler at Sinuiju Harbor.


  1. Pick up contraband from Mafia contracts
  2. Deliver the contraband to diplomatic courier

BONUS: Bring the sports car with you to the docks

Supplies & Support GivenEdit

  • None

The ContractEdit

106 miles to sinuiju first contact

The first contact

The player is given a Street Racer to complete the contract as it relies on speed and not engaging enemy forces. Although the Street Racer is not essential to completing the contract, successful delivery will award a bonus and make the vehicle available for purchase. Throughout the contract, the player will be required to collect multiple items from various faction members, with each new item being greater in value than the last. You start with $100,000 and will lose $1,000 every second.

106 miles to sinuiju second contact

The second contact

Similarly to 'Embedded', this contract involves driving to and interacting with multiple sites, with many obstacles along the way.

106 miles to sinuiju third contact

The third contact

The first contact is an AN soldier at Yongbyon Reactor, who will give you an American passport worth $25,000. As you leave and head over the bridge towards Chongju, there will be a crash with two civilian cars and boxes strewn about. Veer right to avoid them and continue. The second contact can be found behind a rock, after a group of KPA soldier standing around a destroyed truck. He will give you blackmail photos worth $50,000. Further along you'll encounter various NK and SK forces fighting with many destroyed vehicles and boxes along the road. Try to stay to the side of the road to avoid running over the South Koreans. When you approach the tunnel, slow down, as there are many vehicles, soldiers and barricades inside the tunnel and you may get hit by stray TOW missiles or RPGs. The next contact is at Chongju, behind a shipping container. He will give you a pouch of diamonds worth $75,000.

106 miles to sinuiju fourth contact

The fourth contact

106 miles to sinuiju fifth contact

The fifth and final contact

The third contact is near the beginning of the dirt road leading to Sinuiju. There is a large fight going on between Mafia and NK forces here so be careful. The contact is a Mafia enforcer behind a rock. He will give you stolen radio codes worth $100,000. Advancing further along the dirt road will lead you past fights between the Chinese and North Koreans, which includes tanks so watch for crossfire. The fifth and final contact is after the large fight, hiding behind a rock and a wooden fence. He will give you a list of corrupt officers, worth $150,000. After this continue towards the harbor, avoiding the Chinese and SK forces in the area, and speak to the courier at the docks to complete the contract.

Alternatively, it is also possible to use an MD-500. It has the quickest take-off and landing speeds of all helos. By flying to each location, you can more easily avoid nearly all of the obstacles and combat. Using a helo, it is possible to get over $300,000 from the contract.

106 miles to sinuiju courier

The courier

The value of the contract is variable as the value gradually decreases over time and increases with each successive contraband item obtained by the player. Completing this contract will make the M1027 Anti-Air and Street Racer (only if the bonus objective was accomplished) available for purchase from the Merchant of Menace. Intel regarding the location of the Seven of Hearts will also be given.

Email MessagesEdit

Introductory Email MessageEdit

Sender: Fiona Taylor

Subject: Contract: '106 Miles to Sinuiju'

Ok here's the deal: there's a diplomatic courier in Sinuiju Harbor that's willing to smuggle out as much contraband as he can carry, but he's charging Sergei a premium for his time. Your goal is to pick up as many items as you can and deliver them to the courier before he leaves. If, at any point, the value of the items reaches zero, we lose the contract. Got it?


Contract Terms & Conditions

1. Pick up contraband from Mafia contacts
2. Deliver the contraband to diplomatic courier

NOTE: The contract value will reduce over time. Picking up contraband will increase the value. If the contract value reaches $0, the contract will be cancelled.

Contract value: variable

Bonus EmailEdit

Sender: Sergei Voronov

Subject: (Bonus) Time=Rubles

I need those "packages" picked up and delivered very quick like, but the usual boring array of vehicles are not going to help either of us. No? See that brand new beauty parked across the street? You like? Yes? Give it a try and we will see if you are capable of handling such a finely tuned machine. Bring it with you to the docks in one piece and I'll make sure that the next time you visit the shop I will have another just like it available for your purchasing pleasure. But be careful not to get too far away from that car. A car like that is likely to drive itself away when you are not looking, if you know what I mean.


Contract Terms & Conditions

BONUS: Bring the sports car with you to the docks

Bonus Failure EmailEdit

Sender: Sergei Voronov

Subject: RE: (Bonus) Time=Rubles

I guess you weren't as careful with that car as I had expected you to be. Maybe next time you stop by the shop I will let you wash mine for a little extra money.


The player enters the HQ

  • Sergei: I've got a man in Sinuiju, he takes care of things for me. I bring him diamonds, forged passports, all sorts of things that are small and easy to transport. He takes them, brings me money. We all love money, right!? I've got some items for him, you get them, bring them to him, I give you a cut. And, uh, make it quick. He's been waiting for a while already.

The player remains in the HQ

  • Sergei: My man, he might get nervous and bolt, you keep sitting here.

The player still remains in the HQ

  • Sergei: Ah, we have good jobs, eh? You get to blow things up, kill people, steal things. I get to ah...make money. Good jobs!

The player continues to remain in the HQ

  • Sergei: Ten percent of the profits will be yours. But you won't get anything hanging around here!

The player accepts the contract

  • Josef: Relax. I don't think we'll have to put up with him for much longer.
  • Fiona: Sergei didn't give us much lead time on this one.
  • Fiona: You know what I think?
    • Chris:
    • Jennifer:
    • Mattias: What?
  • Fiona: Sergei's operating out of his league. And he's getting more paranoid as he expands his business.

If the contract value reaches $25,000 at any time

  • Fiona: You're really cutting things close.

If the contract value reaches $0 at any point

  • Fiona: Time's up. Mission failed.

The player collects all the items from the contacts

  • Fiona: Ok that's everything. Drop it off and we've got a fat paycheck on the way.
  • Fiona: Hurry up!

If they courier is killed

  • Fiona: Sergei isn't going to be happy about this.

The player delivers the goods to the courier

  • Fiona: Sergei's 'toys' have bee delivered. Mafia payment is en route to our account



  • "106 Miles to Sinuiju" is a reference to a quote from the movie The Blues Brothers (1980). The quote goes, "It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark... and we're wearing sunglasses."
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