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The 105mm Artillery is the basic artillery gun used by the Venezuelan Army in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


They are found defending the VZ spots. They are stationary with a wide angle of rotation of 180 degrees horizontally and a large angle of elevation (vertical) as well as having very long effective range.

The El Che Artillery are repainted versions of the VZ artillery and most likely the 'El Che' were stolen from the VZ army. The only major difference in the design is that the 'El Che' has been repainted with the P.L.A.V scheme such as orange, green and red to differ it from the light brown VZ version.

Like every other VZ vehicle the artillery has been painted in light brown colors. The barrel itself is very small but wide and is sitting on a stand with wheels, however you cannot actually move the artillery because two support beams have been placed in the ground to make it stationary.


  • The El Che Artillery is the PLAV counterpart that was likely the stolen VZ artillery. Despite this, both are identified as a VZ artillery, so is hard to see what version it is.
  • Look for the presence of plates over the wheels, if not seen, you found yourself a VZ version.
  • Two of them are standing next to the PMC runway.
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